Tell me what to do!
I’m very masculine, but love to be dominated and told what to do. I’d love to be made into someone’s sex slave. Although I’ve never done it, I’d like to be “forced” to wear women’s panties and lingerie.
Sex & Hookups18 to 49 years ● 200km around USA, Franklin one month ago
Active athletic guy looking for love
I'm looking to date with a view to having a LTR. I'm attracted to dark complected guys with dark hair or no hair. A coffee date would be a good start although I'm open to other ideas. Nothing longer than an hour commitment would be best. Thanks for reading.
Love & Relationships53 to 67 years ● 100km around Canada, Ottawa 7 months ago
Giant masculine alpha needed to feminize straight
I want to shape my physique, master the act, dress perfectly. Become as passable as possible. Be a sissy slut head to toe sexy and smooth. Makeup, nails, collared, jewellery. Fully dressed. I want to create an alter ego for sexual indulgence. I'm eager and willing to become the perfect sissy bottom.
Sex & Hookups30 to 50 years ● 500km around Canada, Wainwright 7 months ago
Does anyone ever read any of these things?
I could fill this space will all kinds of stuff, the things I like to do in bed, interests, hobbies, etc. The fact is, that, like everyone, I can’t really say what I’m looking for, as it changes with each person I meet. Sometimes I’ll meet someone and we both want friendship. I’m honestly fine with that. Sometimes I’m looking for a one night stand, other times a relationship. It all comes down to the personal chemistry between the two of us. Those who know me would probably describe me as a real person, someone who isn’t afraid to be myself. I’m a tad bit obsessed with being successful, although my idea of success isn’t necessarily measured in the size of my bank account. Success to me is more of a journey. I have a background in vocal and piano music, although I don’t pursue it as much as I should. Grew up in Minnesota, lived in California for 5 years, moved back 2 years ago. I’m the oldest of 4 kids, wasn’t popular in school. I’d consider myself of above average intelligence. Most important for anyone wanting to get to know me, accept me as I am, and I’ll give you the same courtesy. I could go on and on in this profile, giving away my whole life story, and you could do the same in yours, but what’s the fun in that? As far as a relationship, I think I have it narrowed down as far as what I am looking for. I’m looking for a caring, committed guy, who fills my emotional needs, as well as my physical ones. I only hope that I can reciprocate for him as well in those regards. I’m looking for friends, aquaintances, perhaps a relationship. For the right person, perhaps a purely sexual relationship would be fine. Anyway, thanks for listening, and have a terrific day.
Love & Relationships21 to 45 years ● 25km around USA, Minneapolis 8 months ago
Tall and skinny gay guys around Alicante, Spain
??Hi everyone I'm searching for a Tall and Slim Gay Guy preferably in the Alicante area. The taller you are, actively interested and as little hairy body you have the higher chance that we can be playmates. If you and we reach a certain level, you will be able to earn money by me. ??Hola a todos Estoy buscando un chico gay alto y delgado preferiblemente en el área de Alicante. Cuanto más alto seas, activamente interesado y como poco cuerpo peludo tienes más posibilidades de que podamos ser compañeros de juego. Si usted y nosotros alcanzamos un cierto nivel, podrá ganar dinero por mi cuenta.
Sex & Hookups25 to 45 years ● 25km around Spain, Monforte del Cid one year ago
Honesty and integrity are key. I'm not into the gay "scene", and although I am out to everyone who knows me including my family, I do not define myself by my sexuality. I'm just a guy who likes guys.Indoor activities include kissing, cuddling, snuggling, cooking (you get the idea). I could go on, but feel there's more to me than words written in a personals ad. If you want to know more... ask! I For me life is about sharing and commitment and blessings. I am peaceful, happy and joyful. Remember life is more about what you put into it then rather playing with it. You are the one who makes it or brakes it. I don`t do drugs, drinking, smoki ng and for me my life is important and I take good care of it. I am a laid back,caring type of of guy. I work out 5-6 days a week. I value my family and friends and enjoy spending my spare time with both. My job can keep me busy and can be dangerous at times, but the gratification of helping others is worth it. I like to travel, go to the movies, see plays and concerts and out to dinner. I am not a big bar fan, but will go with the right person or crowd. I am looking for true, honest people. If you are interested in getting to know me better, send me an email.
Love & Relationships35 to 70 years UK, London 6 months ago
love takes two
just be yourself. not into sex dates. I would say I am primarily aiming at meeting new people either to make new friends or perhaps to find a long term partner. Although not discarding sex, my primary aim remains to meet a person rather than a body
Love & Relationships30 to 70 years USA, Prince William one year ago
Sono Passivo
Cerco ragazzi uomini attivi non tanto pelosi, io passivo di 50 anni giovanile nella provincia di Rovigo, Vorrei provare bdsm leggero. X il bdsm sono novellino, mi piace tutto nel sesso maschile e vorrei provare anche bondage e altre tecniche sessuali che non sò
Sex & Hookups18 to 45 years ● 25km around Italy, Adria one year ago
Interracial Dating
go for what you want. I am a gamer and anime lover I like the outdoors (HATE BUGS) ill tell you What I'm looking for: the opposite then is a guy who enjoys cooking,the outdoors,hunting. (music preference has to include rock). Things a man could love and enjoy. Be yourself I'm supportive I don't care if he loves sports. Respectful. I'm VERSATILE. you can be a top or bottom it doesn't matter. I am looking for a man to enjoy life with and have a HELL OF AN ADVENTURE with. I play ps4 if you do game. No there's no preferred console you play cause I came from Xbox so it doesn't matter to me. IDEAL DATE: Candle lit dinner with rose petals all over the table and a path of petals leading to a far off campfire in the distance surrounded by woods and smoke in the air. A full moon view in the sky scattered clouds. Me and my date approach the table to start the night of something amazing. And then after dinners done we make our way over to the fire for cuddling and talking and evening activities. (I know a place) Me: I'm probably the guy your friends talk about is that nice guy that sits by himself and doesn't really hang around crowds too much. I'm a bundle of fun and it varies on the person I'm with if we click I'll probably be more talkative but nervous as well. I'm told I'm funny all the way to adorable. I'm a huge gamer, I mainly focus and play RPG's I don't like metro games much or games that are too comical I like to focus on the aspect of reality or warfare and scifi is great too. Games from skyrim to dragon age I love and from battlefield to yes of duty ( not so much anymore with the new stuff but whatever the future holds I guess). Borderlands is cool too I could go on and talk about these things too. I love anime as well there's too many shows to list honestly cause I'm always in progress watching something. But anyways usually I'm a sweet guy I just don't want to have a one night stand or a friend with benefits or even a polygamous relationship I'm not into open relationships. I want someone to be mine and it scares a lot of dude but it's not like I'm asking for this all up front if it works it'll get there and if we are a match made in heaven then there shouldn't be anything to be afriad of. I'm out to everyone and I'm stil exploring myself and what makes me happy. Books: anything fantasy scifi or adventure with action everyone likes Harry Potter series Mortal instruments Rangers apprentice Sapphira Movies: I'm a huge nerd but I don't go see movies often I don't like to go alone nor watch alone so I don't see many often but hero movies or even sometimes chick flicks I like the best of both worlds "sometimes" White chicks Doom Bring it on Xmen The dark knight rises American pie The weekend Boys Few other gay movies Shows: Teen wolf, vampire diaries, Arrow, the flash, the 100, degrassi, awkward and that's just about all I can really think of for American/Canadian shows. Anime: Tokyo ghoul Bleach Full metal alchemist Future diary Naruto and naruto shippuden Dragon ball z Yu gi oh Angel beats To aru majutsu Railgun S Hunter x hunter The asterisk war 35th platoon The irregular student at Magic academy Toradora Attack on Titan Inuyasha Gintama Rwby Hundred Blast of tempest The list goes on and on seriously I mentioned music earlier and I love pop and post metal and alternative which to most seems like a odd mix but that's the only genre I listen to I hate country and rap. Not opposed to some others don't like hip hop either. R&B is okay. Too close to touch Paramore Sleeping with sirens There for tomorrow Nine lashes Tfk All time low Ariana grande Big time rush Breaking Benjamin Emarosa David archuleta Hikaru utada Linkin park Memphis May Fire Our last night Papa roach (some) RED we came as Romans (covers) Food I love food everyone does right? So here's my favorite starting with #1 being the best: Steak (any this is probably the fastest way to my heart, I love steak) Macaroni (I'm a sucker for those yellow noodles and cheesy goodness) Pasta salad (I love Italian food and if this isn't made by an Italian most likely it's gonna need more dressing.) Pizza (no it's number one but I sure as hell love it, no better Friday night friend than a fresh pizza) Crab legs ( I love seafood and nice legs and these go so well together except sometimes they're hairy bleh) You should message me if You're looking for actual love not just a fling or just a conversation to "see more" I understand the whole just looking checking you out thing. But most people don't understand what the random visit means so don't be shy to say a simple hi I won't bite ;)
Love & Relationships18 to 36 years ● 50km around USA, Trumbull 3 years ago
hi hot sexy guys
HI all, i am a one set of triplets who was born and and bred in Redruth in Cornwall, my dad, passed away, when i was just only 19 years old of cancer,there are 6 children in my family altogether, i have got two, other brothers and i have got two sisters, my brothers names, are Neil and Ian, i have got one older brother, who is called Rex, my two sisters, names, are Christine and karen, now live in my own for almost 5 or 6 years now, if you are interested in myself, please do not let me down at all and by the way i am looking for either hook ups, nsa or sex, trying to find a decent realationship and maybe a civil aprtnership aswell
Sex & Hookups18 to 49 years ● 25km around UK, Alverton 6 months ago
I am a 70 years young male, from southern European background, considered handsome, fit every where needed, and slim with a smooth body. I am looking for a very special friendship complimented with a vibrant and passionate sexual component, with a masculine man in his very late 40s and older. Please respect my age preference. I am well educated, 5' 7", 145 lbs, 32" waist, very smooth body and nature provided me well. I am located east of Toronto, in Canada. Although I do not post a picture, I will be able to show you what I look like. I am undoubtedly confident that my looks will not be disappointing. Making Love should be magic in Paradise, in a combination of mind, heart and body, all merged in perfect harmony. I love sex, a lot, but it is so much better when you have it with love. After having read the above, please allow me to summarize facts that may be of interest to you: I do not want to marry you; I want to share you and be a part of you I do not want to move in with you; I only want to know that you are there I do not want to enslave your heart; I only want to be embraced by it I do not want to run your life; I only want to nourish it I do not want to change you; I want to learn from you I will not be your slave; and you will not be my master I do not want your money; I have my own I do not want a husband; I want a lover and a best friend I do not want to hinder your freedom; I want to help you to value it If you are sad and unhappy I want to be you joy If you feel lonely, I want you to know that I exist. If you are married I understand your need without judgment---you already made that judgment and it was painful enough. If a 3rd person enriches your relationship, I will believe in "Polyamory." If you ask me if I want to "F***," I will candidly say that I want to make love. If you ONLY seek a picture, you will miss the "person; if you seek the "the person" you will get the whole and real picture. We are all on this site because we miss something. And being judged is not part of it. Values, truth and correctness are all social constructs---straight, gay, closet, out; single, married, partnered or committed. Who gives a damn? Just be a good person! If you are still interested, I would welcome your message. Maybe I will find my magic.
Love & Relationships50 to 75 years ● 500km around Canada, Ajax 2 months ago
Mature men only!
Hi guys. I am a mature man and is ready for a friendship/relationship with someone who is mature. I am not interested in chancers or twinks. If you are under 35 years old, I am not interested. Please communicate with me. Although I do not believe in long distance relationships, a friendly chat over a distance may be appropriate. I am not a mobile phone company - please don't try and upgrade yourself or finances with me. Heart to heart! That is what I am interested in.
Love & Relationships35 to 54 years ● 500km around South Africa, Bloemfontein 4 years ago
Searching Slim Young Bttm or Verso
Hi Guys, Tag Freunde, Bonjour mes Amis, Hallo jongens, Ik zoek leuke slanke vlotte gasten die met een oudere lekkere sex willen. Logeren mogelijk. Searching for slim young guys for sex, staying overnight or vacation is possible. Ich suche gut aussehende jungen fur sex und freundschaft. Ubernachten und logieren moglich. Je cherche beau garcon pour faisre lámour tout la jour, Tu peux rester chez moi. I will make it worth to you anyway you want.
Sex & Hookups18 to 25 years Netherlands, Zeewolde 4 years ago
Attention Grabbing Headline
I might be looking for you. You might be looking for me. I'm looking for a much younger guy that's level headed with a GSH. I'm not in perfect shape. Swimmer's body, tho. Nowadays I use a cane to get around outside the house. Although I'm living in northern Maine now, in the next couple of months I hope to be living in Phoenix, AZ. Wanna go with me?
Love & Relationships ● not older than 45 years ● 200km around USA, Bangor 2 years ago
Running out of time....
Oh dear, just turning 59 years of age & I have been single for far too long, are there any nice local guys that would like to meet for a chat to see how things go. I am from Greenwich South East London and I am a Carer for a guy with learning difficulties which keeps me busy but I do get quite a lot of free time. I do not smoke but I do like a few pints when funds are available and would like to get out a bit more and have someone special in my life once again. I would like to meet someone who is witty, kind, honest and understanding who is NOT just after sex (although that may like to travel and have done quite a bit in the past and I do like photography, cars and the nice things in life. So, if you fancy a chat, get hold of me somehow and lets see where it goes...Toodle oo xx
Love & Relationships40 to 99 years ● 25km around UK, London 6 months ago

Similar preferences as alt jung

The darkened move theatre has always lent itself to passion, with lovers clambering to the back row for some hot fumblings – or, if you’re particularly brazen, the front row. Let’s face it, there’s a bit of the exhibitionist in everyone. Gay porn cinemas exist throughout the world and it’s clear what’s on the agenda here! But mainstream cinemas are also ripe for shenanigans. Get romantic with some light petting or downright filthy. What better way to get the most of the ticket price from a boring film? Just choose the occasion carefully: sinking to your knees in the stalls isn’t cool when the main feature is Bambi and you’re surrounded by lots of screaming kids.
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