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I dread what I see, a moving image of my clone with every identical scar.
His head just as round, his eyes just as brown.
As I spin, so does he and it seems the mockery comes to no end.
I walk away with his inevitable duplication
and upon my return I spark an ilicitation
When I smile, he returns it with a realness that I can't perceive
This clone seems more stable, more comfortable in his skin
The way he wears his bruises must be a sin
His walk is similiar to mine, but holds more poise,
He takes compliments and keeps his image consistent with what stands in front of him
He is not just a sight t see, he is my reflection
The mirror that's made especially for me.


That is quite interesting way to looking at yourself. Sometimes we don't like what we look at and sometimes we wish we believed what we see so we can be more confident and that all comes with experience.
I tell my grandson to look in the mirror and talk to himself as he is going through a lot of tribulations right now. I have not told him I am gay but he seems to have gay tendencies and I have quite a few relatives that are gay too. He is still learning who he is and the power he has within him and once he figures that out he will be truly amazing.


To me everyone runs from their reflection in some way shape or form and often we get transfixed by how many scars we accrue over the years from heartache and stress. It is when we begin seeing these scars and acknowledging their presence and using them to grow into the men and women we are supposed to be that we are able to comfortable say that yes i have been through this, but it did not break me.


I really like this!!!!!!!!!! I never thought about looking at myself in the mirror in that way this really made me think about alot.

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