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"Physical Attraction" Just a fantasy waiting to happen - Poetry Group

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“Physical Attraction”

Quenching the urges,
Of feelings inside,
Soft places,
Are thought of
So eloquent,
With sensual thoughts.

Rough spots,
Give inquisitive,
To wonder,
Life's experiences.

Eyes of blue,
Or golden brown,
No matter what color,
They seem profound,
With beauty,
From the eye
Of the beholder.

Physical elements,
Of shapely goods,
Bold chests
Plumping breasts,
Give joy
From imagination
Till juices flow,
From underground.

Hand in hand,
With joy felt sound,
Feeling like fairies,
In the soft dew ground.

Soft embrace,
With pink tongues,
Taste of riches
All abound,
Juices flow,
With an eruptions sound,
Heavenly bliss,
As we lay there bound.

please feel free to let me know how this poem makes you feel.

5 months ago by Jeanie Baker

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