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“Surviving Life”

Jumping in the dumpster,
Looking for food,
Surviving the war,
Of the unemployment line,

No bullets here,
Just worries from day to day,
Finding the electric savior,
To keep our heads dry.

Sales signs,
Of houses and goods,
Stand on the highways,
For everyone’s good.
Helping to pay the piper,
You meet eye to eye,
Making deals to survive each day;
From couches, dressers,
And even t.v.’s,
Line the streets,
Of forgotten dreams.

And looking for a new beginning,
From everyday struggles,
Of mundane strife.

Prayers of hope,
Fill the daily mind,
While melancholy,
Strolls through the house,
And corners of depression,
Try to seep into each night.
Reaching out,
For a positive feel,
Of a high energy,
Surrounding your space,
Hoping for a sudden spark,
Of divine intervention,
From prayers of grace.

Surviving daily,
As you learn the ropes,
To the right timing,
For everyday nooks.

Discovering yourself,
In a different light,
When you entered the jungle,
Of everyday life.

Excited for the challenge,
Of what you will find,
Besides a mirror,
Of your wondering mind.

Never giving up,
Is the key,
You will find,
New treasures of gold,
Found from trash,
Of others minds,
To use and savor,
As I find a broken mirror
My mind wanders,
Surviving life.


no --
the last 3 lines I just changed to&gt&gt

As the broken mirror,
Takes me back,
Surviving life.


after I read your poem, I made a conclusion. sometime living can be hard but it's only because we're alive that we can make each other...laugh, cry...be happy!, but provided must believe in positive thinking . ok that one opinion only if I'm wrong, pardon me.


I found your poem very good. I remember when I was unemployed and had to take temp jobs that were sparse and barely paid rent and utilities. I actually had to eat canned dog food, because it was the cheapest thing I could find.


yes I have heard people doing that. There should of been a place to sign up for food like a food pantry. We have 3 in our little town here. I finally was able to get food stamps and still have them. My income has improved but still not making enough to pay the mortgage. They will probably cut them back now but should still be able to qualify hopefully.
I actually did all those things in the poem. a bum taught me how to get into the dumpsters and you had to go to one the cops did not check on or you would go to jail. Pretty sad all the food the stores throw out. One day I got over 12 flats of eggs(2and half dozen) I have a car so I gave them to the neighbors along with pastries and frozen pork too. Most of the food was still in its containers too. You just get Clorox clean-up and hot water and wash the covers off. You also had to learn when they would dump so the food would still be fresh. This was before I found out about the food pantries that gave you food once a month or once a week. When I had no money I would get my brother to send me some and I would buy pork and beans and ramen noodles, one egg a day- wait for the egg specials and get enough for a month. Get free bread from the food pantry daily. Yea it was scary and exciting all at the same time.

Hafifi- no problem. Its hard though when your down and out no one wants to be your friend and when your lonely and out of work and no one is around it is hard to laugh because the depression seeps in and grabs you and you have to believe that God has a plan and a reason and try not to give up hope.
I had a cousin who was my saving grace and I own a house still but have not paid the mortgage for over a year and I can't possible catch up now. The work I have is not enough to pay the mortgage but just keep my car running and my electric on and food in my mouth and pay for gas.