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Just smile, even if it hurts, I just smile and let it go

Even when tears fall again

Just treat them as tears of happiness

With my eyes closed, I see your face

I open my heart again, although walking towards you is a dangerous road

Along the way, brambles cut my feet and this hurts

Because I’m nearer to you compared to yesterday

So it doesn’t matter

I believe I believe you’re my love

A person who heals my wounds

I believe I believe you’re my breath

I believe you who have only me in your embrace

What a relief, that soon all will have passed

Even though I want to hold on to this,

there’s no wind that will stay in one place

Because it’s not a rainbow after rain

Yes, yes, I would give you everything

Because it’s sweet

Even if I shed tears

I believe I believe you’re my love

Even if you heart aches, you will still smile for me

I believe I believe you’re my breath

I believe my last love is you

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Hafifi, I want to cry so much after reading this poem. I want to put my arms around u and say: It's OK. I know yr love for that guy is so strong that it hurts u - especially because u can only see each other in secret - there is danger out there. U wish u could be open, but u both have to be wise and shield that precious thing called love, which is reserved for both of u only. But u know that those moments of intimacy r fleeting, as u go yr separate ways and wait for the next time. Hafifi, thank u so much for reminding me to read this poem. I too believe. I have also found that "I believe my last love is you" - the guy with whom I have fallen in love. He's from Malaysia. This poem could have written about us. Dear friend, dont worry. All will come right for u. Take care. All my best.

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