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questions and remarks - Gay Guys! <3

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why are there no people from my country? i live in greater tel aviv close to jaffa; in search for a relashionship with someone 30-50. big hairy bearcubs preffered


Danny, there are guys out there. you just have to be paitent for them to meet you. some of the guys in your area are probably too scared to come out of the closet sweety.


Try using your browse button to see if there is anyone in your area or near you that is not to far away...


in israel constitutional decrees ban discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and most aspects of gender identity [in this case legislation is still in progress]. in the u.s no such constitutional provision is in vigour yet. public opinion in israel is extremely homophobic in most of the country[except tel aviv area etc] but you cannot be sacked or fiercely persecuted etc...you have to understand that our regime is a parliamentary democracy [one house only] more like england or similar countries=we are not a federal or semi federal country like the u.s or canada; things work differently. military service is compulsory therefore homosexuality is no reason for exemption or expulsion!!!!!!enrollment of trans poses certain problems which are much more complex and therefore legislation will take longer to adjust. i was the first gay-lib activist/ initiator in israel almost 40 y. ago and still hold radical stands because i am a liberal. my personal problem is that i seek someone much younger [i am attracted to big tall hairy ''bears'' well endowned for tops] while most people seek in their age group. i addressed some people here posting my facebook and mobile; so far no response. there are some israelis but very few