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The scars that are imprinted upon my skin
The razor that caused this enjoyable desire
Not even Father Time can turn back the clock
The blood drip’s down like rubies
The water drawing out my pain, numbing me
I ask “Is life worth all this?”

Life is a crystal ball, my future unseen
Scars, the only thing people don’t find invisible
Water carries everything but life
A razor gives meaning to me
Blood is only the color red
Father Time can you help

Father Time has chosen to stop my clock
Life has no defined meaning, empty
Drained from my body, blood is gone
Read my scars they tell the story
Smiling with glee, the razor giggles
Can water heal what is immortal

Water is like the tears of my soul
Does Father Time even exist
A razor! Does it have emotions like me
Why is life so hard and full of chaos
Scars are wounds that never heal
There’s so much blood, why

Bleeding blood an eternal fate
Rushing water to awake my dead body
A scar upon my heart, to match upon my legs
Rewind time Father Time
I do not wish to have this life
A razor will never be my companion

Take this metal razor from my hands
Give me back the forgotten blood
Any life is worth living, even mine
Water fuels the driest of mouths
Father Time create a better clock to tick
Scars are seen, but so am I, choose

To live a life, or to love a razor
Scars are hidden, blood is restored
Water is felt, Father Time is imagination


What would anyone say but that this poem speaks out of a heart that has been literally torn apart. Blood that should be flowing through the veins to keep life going is pouring from scars "which never heal" or do they? They are hidden out of side in order to move on and live a life. The question is: who is inflicting those scars? Is it the one whose body is being abused or those who are abusing the body? The poem is a cry for help! I hope that the this assessment will be seen as what it is - just a very subjective view which may be completely inaccurate. I really believe this poem is of the highest quality. The repetition of certain words and phrases also enhance the dramatic impact.

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