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Two things happen yesterday at my nice that I want to share and all have to with me hugging and kissing. I am a hugger and kisser on my family the boys and the girls. I kiss and hug my little alson. It to the point that my nephew told me that he didnt like it the last time I show him so being resecptful this time I didn't and that child got pissed at me becasue i did what he said. He walk right in my face and ask me if i had a problem or was mad at him for something. i told him no and he said "than how the fuckyou going to walk in this house and not give me my sugar". talk about damn near falling to pieces. I mean for him to be upset was so very sweet. The second thing is that my great niecce and great nephews' grandmother on their father's side told my niece that is doesn't like me kissing and hugging on the boys as much as I do, and Netta told her that that is my style and he been doing that all her life and those where her kids and he's going keep doing it..