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camp - Gay Guys! <3

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on peoples profile where it says camp,what do all those things mean?




lol do you know what the terms mean?


Your personality. How u carry yourself


This is what they mean in Short, if you want more detail, google it LOL

BDSM - Bondage or Discipline
Bear - Big Men with hairy bodies
Blue Collar - couldnt find much on this, but from what I found its a guy who does manual labour for a living
Butch - Masculine
Chub - Overweight
Chabchaser - someone who likes overweight guys
Clubkid - again couldnt find much, but from what I found its a group of young New York city people formed in the 1980s - you would know if you were this
Dyke Mike - couldnt find this, but did find Dyke Tyke which is a man who associates mostly with lesbian, bi, trans women
Fag Hag - a woman who associates mostly with gay or bi men
Fag Stag - a man who enjoys the company of a numerous amount of gay or bi men
Femme - Feminine
Goth - pretty common, you should know this
Gym Rat - someone who spends most of time playing sports or working out
Hippie - Also self explanitory
Jock - stereotype of a male athlete
Leather - associated with BDSM, but denotes practices and styles of dress organized around sexual activities
Lipstick Lesbian - Lesbian or Bi women who show extremely femenine gender attributes
Mashed Potato - an under-tanned or white person who does not do any type of regular physical exercise and therefore is out of shape.
Military - Obvious
Outdoorsy - someone font of the outdoors
Potato Queen - flamboyant of effeminate gay man
Preppy - look at this page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preppy
Punk - forms of expression, including fashion, visual ark, dance, literature and film
Rebel Grrl - lesbian or bi women who describe themselves as an outcase of different type of the typical word girl
Rice Queen - a man who is mostly interested in Asian oriental men
Sticky Rice - couldnt find much, but is related with Rice Queen somehow
Suburban - Didnt find much apart from someone with rich parents
Tomboy - a girl who exhibits characteristics of behaviours of the gender role of a boy
Twink - young or young looking gay man (18-23) with a slender build, little or no body hair and no facial hair.

As you can see, I dont have all the descriptions, some I just couldnt find, so if anyone knows any I dont, then please edit the list, also if I got any wront, please edit it to.
All information come from Wikipedia

Hope this helps


It is were you think you fit in...like twinks are young teens...


An update to Sticky Rice, I found it on the Urban Dictionary
Sticky Rice is an homosexual Asian male who is sexually attracted exclusively to other homosexual Asian males


Tanx Ben, I thought a Potato Queen Was a Woman Farmer. lol

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