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I've Quit Smoking - Gay Guys! <3

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Alright, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but I need help! I have quit smoking for a week & 2 days now, & so far.. I'm not doing so good. The reason why I bring this up here is because there are clearly MANY people in this group & chances are, someone here knows an easier way to quit smoking. I haven't done anything really to quit, I just did it cold turkey & it's driving me insane! I been CRAVING for something in my mouth, but I don't want to replace it with eating because I refuse to get fat again! So yeah.. Any tips on easier ways to quit?


please go to your doctor and ask for the pill that lets you choose your stop smoking day, and for a week before stop date, you start taking these pills.
it works... i finally did it seven years ago when this drug first came on the market, and after all the other patches, etc. finally stopped smoking. i now have COPD and trust me... i wish i had stopped earlier. good luck jerry


i quit after smoking 30 years. I did it by tapering down to one cigarette. behaviorally, you need to retrain your hands and mouth to do non-smobking things. Try suger free gum, carrot sticks, celery. There are many substitutes for cigarettes.


Get some sugar free candy or sugar free cough drops to put in your mouth (not too many in a day, to much of the artificial sweetener can mess up your stomach).

My ex gave up smoking by using Chantex, a prescription drug (more information at chantix.com). He experienced side effects - nightmares and constipation. But he stuck with it and the cigarettes and cravings were gone. You may not get these symptoms but there are other possible side effects.

You need to be under a doctor's care for Chantex.


Chantex is the drug i talked about above, and seven years ago there were no side effects mentioned. I did not have any from the drug, and had spent a lot of money on various patches, drugs, hypnosis, acupunters etc. and wold stop for a week ... longest was about three months. But Chantex worked for me, and i recommend it to anyone that has tried and failed to stop smoking. Not a paid ad for the drug (but if they want me, I'm available) :-)


I will make another suggestion is to go Electronic Cigarettes They really work and you don't need drugs to do it. All you get is nicotine at the level you want and the DR will approve cause I have and it is great.



Something that I have been told is very effective for this little problem you have is to take a cigarette, empty it of all its contents and fill it with a pencil. You can then use it and hold it just like a real cigarette and when you are ready to finish all together you will need to find something to do with your hands. The habitualness of this addiction is the biggest hurdle to over come. The hand to mouth one in particular is the worst. I am still a smoker, Chantex does have side effects. It can cause nausea, vomiting, nightmares, or in severe cases it can unbalance the chemical make up in your brain and turn you into a mental patient. It is not (like any drug) to be taken lightly. It does interfere with the electrical impulses of the brain. It is how it works. It does have a very high success rate and should be considered. But if you do, you should definitely consult your doctor. You will have to anyway to get the script for it.

Something else to take into consideration is that drinking and smoking go hand in hand. If you are serious about quitting smoking, you can't be around it at all. So drinking will also be out for at least three (3) months. You could try drinking again after that, but only somewhere where the is absolutely no smokers of any kind. That is how powerful the chemical addition is. They say it is over in just three days. Crap. Add booze and it is back 9 weeks later...

I do wish all the luck in the world.


try chewing gum - thats what i did when i gave up and have been smoke free for over 13 yrs

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