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I am new to writing poetry, so any help would be helpful. If you want to read some of my poetry go to markcut2008.blogspot.com


well show us some here too. I have some published Mark and I have been writing now for 36 years


Confused (A Poem For Josh).

You left me confused

the day you left

I felt abused

felt alone, bereft.
The time we spent in one another's arms

were some of the best times I ever had

I felt I would receive no harm

I was never sad.
The times we lay in bed

talking about our lives that lay ahead

I wonder sometimes, if your new boyfriend is enjoying you as much as I had.
The hot moments we spent with me inside you

you told me how much you loved that feeling

how it sent you reeling

it was more than you had ever done.
So when I think back now upon those times

I wonder if you are reminded of thy and thine

remembering all those wonderful times we had

when we were as one.


There you go Jeanie. That's one of my poems. I'll try to put another on here tomorrow. Just have to find all of them. LOL. I don't have a filing system around here. Enjoy the poem and tell me if you think there's anything that needs changed


Just posted a new discussion here a poem I wrote when I was unemployed called “Surviving Life” tell me what you think.