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Dean felt very nervous as the plane touched down in Lanzarote. He checked his passport for the hundredth time that day and could feel his stomach tensing up. He wasn’t frightened of flying, or nervous about going through customs. It was Ian! he had met, or maybe had sort of verbally bumped into Ian on the web. They had chatted by e-mail a lot, sometime even falling out and not replying. Dean could be a typical stubborn teen, he knew that but it made no difference. Ian was quite a bit older then he was, an age gap of about 36 years, the difference was more than twice Dean’s age. Would they get on ok, would it work, staying with somebody that much older than him for a week, should he have come with his mates or stayed in a hotel?

The plane bounced on the runway and then landed and taxied to the arrivals. Dean went through customs without the official raising any questions about somebody a week short of his 16th birthday traveling alone. Dean passed out of the cool of the terminal and into the wall of heat that was August in Lanzarote. He looked around, lost and scared, had he done yet another stupid thing? A tall guy approached him, dark brown hair and eyes, a kind smile dancing on his lips. He was a bit over weight, but not fat.

“Well Dean, I was not sure you would come, even though you said you would. I never actually thought this would happen. Welcome to Lanzarote. Let’s get you somewhere cooler where you can change out of those clothes and into something more suitable for this heat. It must have been quite cold when you left”

Dean went bright red and stuttered out a weak “Hi!”

The drive to Ian’s flat took no time and Dean was shown into a bedroom and shown where to put his things. Ian suggested he changed into something much cooler as it had not yet reached the hottest point of the day, and left the room. Dean unpacked his small bag and put his few bits away. He felt his mischievous side growing and carefully choose what to wear. He selected a white tee that was old and a bit too tight and a bit too short on him. He knew it would not reach the shorts he picked out. Blue shorts, sort of nylon and a bit tighter than maybe they should. He decided not to wear anything under them. White trainers and he was changed. He walked out to find Ian.

He was in the small kitchen area making cold drinks, he turned and let out a very quiet sigh. Dean knew he was being visually assessed from top to toe, he hoped he had not gone too far. Ian just smiled and said nothing. He handed Dean a cool drink of coke.

“I thought I would show you around a bit and we can grab some lunch somewhere. I have a gig this evening. You can come if you want, or you can stay in the flat, up to you.”

“I’d like to c c c c come with you if I c c c c can” Dean stuttered

“God you do look cute when you blush like that”. Ian leant forward and ruffled his hair.

“Come on lets go”

Dean was surprised at the heat. it was not like this even in summer in Owslebury. They kept Alpacas in fields in Owslebury, and they came from the cold Andes and did not like too much heat. As he felt himself start to drip he noticed that his appearance was not much different from a lot of the people in the street, except maybe they had pants on. The heat obviously meant wear less to stay cool. However they were not soaked in sweat like him, the were used to it. He stayed quite close to Ian, worried about getting separated from him in a place he did not know.

A tall great looking teen came up to them, big shoulders and quite muscular legs and body.

“I guess this is Dean? He looks smaller and younger than i expected, Hola mate” and he reached out and punched Dean’s hand.

“This is Nathan” Ian said.

“Hi” was all Dean managed, now even more red than the heat caused.

“Well catch yah, gonna meet my mates” said Nathan, then turned and walked down a side street.

“Probably going to play football with his Spanish friends” said Ian.

“What in this heat?” said Dean

“It’s not that hot today, but I keep forgetting you are not used to it yet”

Dean followed Ian into a bar. A few minutes later there was a cold orange drink in front of Dean, and some strange food.

“It’s tapas, hope you’ll like it.

Dean tried the food, some sort of fish that actually tasted really good, some bread and some oil to dip it in, and a slice of a sort of omelet that had stuff in it. Before he realised it Dean had eaten all of it.

“Well you seemed to enjoy that, or you were very hungry”, said Ian.

“I was hungry, but it was great actually”

“Well I am hungry for something too, but that is going to have to wait” said Ian.

Dean went bright scarlet and glanced around to see if anybody had heard Ian.

“Hey chill Dean, nobody heard, and even if they did they would not know what I was meaning, unlike you!!! Mind you I think you look quite cute when you blush like that”

Ian walked Dean around for another couple of hours, showing him the town and the beach. The tour was broken by stops for drinks and ice cream, for which Dean was very grateful. He was feeling the heat quite badly and realised he would have been better putting on more clothes but looser, to keep him cooler. Eventually they got back to the flat.

“Dean I’m not suggesting anything or coming on to you, but I think you better lie down for a bit. It is the hottest part of the day and you look like the heat has really got to you. You better wear some sort of hat or something next time too. i am not going to lie down with you. I’d love too but you need to recover and I got things to check over for tonight.”

Dean went into his bedroom, turned on the ceiling fan and lay on the bed. Stupid idea, he NEVER rested in the afternoon and he didn’t need to do it here. He wasn’t a baby needing an afternoon nap, and the heat had not affected him that much and.... it was 1745 when Dean woke up!!!

“God I’m sorry Ian really I never meant to sleep”

Ian looked at him, smiled and replied “Jezz you look sexy whey you wake up! Don’t stress you must have needed the sleep. We better get something to eat and then I got to get off to the gig”

Steak and chips later and they were off in the car to the gig. Whilst Ian set Dean did what he could to help. Then Ian had to get his voice ready and he left Dean in the bar telling the guy there to give him whatever soft drinks he asked for, but no hard stuff.

At 2200 Ian started, and Dean listened to the voice that came out of the guy he was staying with. It was rich and melodious, it had depth and feeling. Those listening were quiet at first, but after a while they started to warm up and some joined in. Some started to dance. Dean sat in the corner by the bar drinking lemonade. Several men spoke to him as they came to the bar, some in ENglish and some in Spanish, a few rested their hand on his naked thigh s they spoke. Dean was polite but a little cold. He had gone through all this stuff before and didn’t want anymore. He watched Ian and enjoyed the act.

At the break Ian came down and said something to the barman in Spanish.

“Well what you think?”

“You are awesome”

“Thanks, but I wouldn’t go that far. It’s going quite well and should get better after the break now they had more to drink. I see you had a few problems you OK?”

“Yeah there was nothing I couldn’t handle, and nothing I wanted to handle either”, replied Dean with a smile.

“It might have been better if you had worn long pants and not shorts, you do look very inviting even from the stage”

Dean blushed again, and the barman smiled.

The second part started and Dean asked for another lemonade. The barman produced it and Dean took a big mouthful. He noticed the difference at once. There was a heat to it, and a faint extra taste. Dean knew the taste of vodka, he drank it when he could. He said nothing and took another mouthful.

As the evening went on Dean found himself joining in with the singing. He didn’t know the words to a lot of them but some of the show tunes and sixties music he remembered from Dave’s house, and it gave him a very special warm feeling remembering that time, sort of familiar, reassuring and comforting. The night got noisier and Dean realised he was dancing! This was something he did NOT usually do. He could dance, and he had danced with girls in the past, they liked the way he moved and didn’t grope and grab them all the time. Now he did have a very pretty black haired girl dancing in front of him. SHe said things to him, Dean just smiled. His Spanish was almost none existent, but he guessed the girl was having a good time. Somewhere around half past midnight the performance ended. The girls leaned over and kissed Dean on the cheek, laughed,and then vanished into the crowd.

“My you pulled on your first day” Ian smiled

“Not my type, and I couldn’t understand what she was saying. You were very good”

“Thanks kid, I need a drink now”.

“Don’t drink too much you got to drive us home”

“Hey don’t worry I will be careful” Ian again ruffled his hair. Dean said nothing but his Dad was the last person to do that to him.

Eventually they drove across a darkened island back to the flat. They sat drinking coffee, decent coffee Dean thought, and talked about the day and what they might do tomorrow.

“Come on kid you looked bushed, time you went to bed. I’m tired too, I usually am after a good gig, it takes it out of me”

Dean looked at the guy sitting opposite him Tall, slightly over weight, a little drunk maybe. Kind eyes and a soft voice. Looked good considering he said he was in his 50’s. It had been a very long time since Dave, a long time since anything. Now it was time to risk again.

“Are you really tired Ian”

“I could stay up talking a bit longer if you want kid”

“Could you go to bed and stay awake for a bit longer? I don’t think I want to go to bed alone anymore”!!!..............................


As it actually turned out:

The Meeting that never happened.

For a year or more they had ben talking on-line. A couple times they almost met in UK, but circumstances prevented it. However it was going to happen soon. He was moving to Birmingham!!!! Ian was going to leave the sunshine of Lanzarote, his beloved Nathan, and move to the rain and grey of Birmingham. At last Dean could actually meet him, make their cyber friendship actual, do the things they had only talked about.

Dean had been very very careful. Ian was 50 Dean was now 16, but when they had started he was only 15 and that could have caused Ian a lot of trouble. He had carefully kept it hidden to protect Ian,but also because he was scared people would find out he was gay and also that he liked older guys. He was not out to anybody. Then came the fatal day that his best friend had told Dean he knew that Dean was gay. It all happened over Dean getting stressed over his mates not wanting to go around with one of their long time friends just because he had announced he was gay. Tom had talked to Dean on the bus home and warned him that shouting off like he did could make the guys guess he was gay, or at least say it. Dean, of course, denied being gay.

Tom explained that he had guess about four months earlier. Tom’s girlfriend had tried for months to get Dean to go out with her. Eventually she gave up and picked up with Tom instead. Tom also explain that Dean did not look or act gay, and that anyway it didn’t make any difference to him, and he was not going to tell anybody.

Dean needed Tom. things were getting too much with nobody to talk to. He did try to talk to Ian but Ian seemed not to really know how a teen felt. He was an experienced out-going guy. He could get up on a stage and entertain huge crowds. He could appear on television and carry the act. He was also wrapped up in his 17yo friend in Lanzarote, Nathan, who was giving him grief. A cyber shoulder is not good for crying on. Tom was there. Tom listened and seemed to understand. Tom made him go running after he saw 200 tablets in Dean’s bedside drawer: either run or I tell your mum.

It seemed to be a help. Dean did feel a bit better. It was always bad coming up to Christmas and the anniversary of his Dad’s death. WIth a lot of extra college work because they were pushing him for Oxbridge, no gay friends and sexual forced abstinence had got him down. That was on top of the scare of an illness that could be fatal had pushed Dean to the very edge for the second time in his life. Tom was trying to pull him back.

Dean confided in Tom. He told him about the guy in Lanzarote who wanted to be his b/f, and who was moving back the the UK. He told him about Ian’s age. Tom didn’t say anything for a long time.

“You sure D that its not just a case of replacing your Dad?”

“No Tom, I really like him and I think he understands me. I want to spend time with him. be his b/f. We wont like live together or anything, but I can visit him and we can hang together and stuff”

“Would you have se with him D?”

“Yeah I would, does tat sound gross to you?”

“Well I don’t understand to be honest, but then I sometimes fantasize about having sex with an older woman, so what’s the difference? and I am getting it regular and I bet you aren’t”

“No Tom I live like a bloody monk”

“Your fault for sing in the choir D”


“Well it is your live mate, you gotta lead it the way you want. THis Ian guy sounds ok to me and might be just what you need right now. You might change after Uni, or you might not. Maybe I could meet him when he gets here”

“He’d be up for that Tom”

“Yeah but would you D?”

“Why not, I know I can trust you and you are my best mate and have been for years now. I don’t want to ever change. Anyway I got no secrets from you. You know about what my mum did and how it is with me and her. Christ even your parents know that. You know I am gay and you know I have tried to top myself a few years ago. You are the only person I told about being raped too.”

“We will be best mates till one if us dies D, don’t worry about that, but you gotta get a bit fitter in the winter so we gonna keep up the running two or three times a week. It will help your cricket next summer anyway, cricket, what a nancy game!!!!!”

Dean gave Tom a friendly push on the shoulder. Life seemed to be picking up again, maybe those tablets should go.

Dean felt so much better he started to write a little story. It took a week or more to get it how he wanted it. it was a fictitious story about Dean going to see Ian in Lanzarote. When it was ready he sent it off through the web for Ian to read. It didn’t work as Dean had hoped!

Ian was not feeling good. Nathan was again playing up and it got Ian down. Dean couldn’t quite understand why Ian got so upset over Nathan. Ian had said that Nathan was totally straight and would never have sex with him. Dean thought HE was Ian’s b/f, but Ian spent more time talking about Nathan than anything else. Dean had tried to help. He talked about Nathan, he asked about him, offered advice, even looked Nathan up on Facebook.

Ian’s reply was that he would never be able to hang with teens like he wanted. He added that even Dean would not let him go with him and his mates!!

It had taken a huge effort to tell Tom about Ian. He fully intended to have Ian and Tom meet, go for a coffee or something. It was a huge step. Ian did not have enough faith in him, or didn’t trust him, to let Ian meet his mates. He knew Dean was not out. He knew how scared he was that he would have his secret discovered. He knew that Dean hated himself and felt he was a pervert for liking older guys. Even so he HAD told Tom about Ian, and he had agreed to let them meet when Ian was back in the UK.

Ian did not trust him. It was then that Dean realised his hopes would not be. Ian did not trust him, and it also seemed Ian wanted to completely take over Dean’s life, to control everything, even his friends.

There was too much in Dean’s past for him to give up everything. There was too much in Dean’s life for him to go on. He reached for the drawer handle..............


Great story can't wait for the ending