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Forever in one Day! - Writers Nook

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Forever in one day, she hears my words,
they conquer all time and space,
and I remember the touch of her hands upon my face.
I call out to her arms open, but her voice waivers on:
"My beloved I am with you; In the moon, the stars, the sun."

A gentle gust of wind kisses my lips and brushes my hair,
and for just a moment, I can feel her presence there.
In my heart I cry for her, longing for her warm embrace,
"I failed you my love," I whisper from my deepest place.

"No, beloved." Her eyes glistening heavy with tears,
"You have been steadfast and true in these few years",
"I miss you." I lift my eyes to the clouds in the sky,
"I am here in your heart and so I can never die."

Then she wraps her arms around my soft chest,
and presses her lips to my cheek as if to bless.
And in the still of that moment we both understand,
that we have faced life united hand in hand.
We each store up treasures in our own special way,
of how we were together forever in one day.

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