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***** I had to read the Scarlet Ibis in my English class for a Final grade and she told me I had to write a letter form Doodle's point of view right before he dies. I tryed to put it in a mix of a poem/ letter form*****

Dear brother,
Where did you go…?
Why did you go…?
Was it the thunder that scared you off…?
Or was it…The fact of knowing I’m no William Armstrong… I’m just…”Doodle”. Please brother, I can no longer run after you. Your apparition has disappeared from my vision and I am incapable of seeing you any longer. Please…Please come back….I try and try to yell for you but my voice is getting wreaker with ever faint breath I take and I can feel my heart beating…ever so ruthlessly…Beating…Beating. Harder and Harder….
I wait ever so long for you but I don’t see you in sight. The rain is coming down and sounds like the harsh beating of a drum. I can no longer run. I can no longer see. Good thing Mama and Papa kept my birth coffin around for this long. I think they’re going to need it.

All these years have come and gone and before I take my last and final breath I want to share something with you because I know by the time you find this it’ll too late.
Brother, all these years that you lugged me around in a wagon and taught me how to walk, run, and all those other activities, to be honest…I knew how to do that all myself already. My Helplessness and Stupity was an act for mama, papa, and well…Anyone else who it may concern. I don’t wish to brag but I am actually pretty smart but my physical disabilities shine the biggest in everyone’s eyes. I know you hated lugging me around. I know it must have been embarrassing beyond belief but please don’t get angry. I did it all for you….The act was for you brother. I acted so helpless and “Not all there” as you so put it just so you can get the full spotlight. That is why you tried to teach me how to walk, isn’t it brother? You wanted to make it seem like you where the best and everything. But that’s okay.
Besides…No one expects anything from a Doodle…

The blood is running at an alarming pace and I fear that you will be an only child once more. All I ask is for you to become successful and to enjoy life as I once did by your side. Please don’t mourn at what has perished but rejoice at what still lingers. Such as mama and Papa for examples. All I ever wanted was for you to live a happy and care free life, for you to be number one.
After my death please live on and enjoy every moment of life you are granted such as I did. Once that moment is gone it is gone for good.
Who knows. Maybe one day you’ll be granted a younger brother that can walk, climb, swim, everything you ever wanted.



Well it is nice to give your brother permission for the ending to this story. However to help him make the transition tell him how proud you are (just a suggestion) to have had a brother who had such a caring heart maybe even though he may not have shown it (don't know the story) Without knowing the whole story all I can react to is what you have written. I would not tell him how you used him though.
If I was dying I would lift everyone's spirits and to tell them to be happy like you did near the end here. I would not tell him either that it will be good that he will be rid of you. You are telling him how he should feel and that will only leave him angry. Hope this reaches you in time.


i figured telling "him" the "truth" because you'll never be able to speak again. And i see it is that if i were to die i rather the person b hurt by the truth rather then be satisfied with a lie. this is getting off topic but its like if you where going to come out to your parent. it may make them cry, angry, or whatever but at least it shows you love them enough to be honest and trust them enough to not hide it from them.


Well there is a tin line on if and or how you think he will take it.
My mother accepted my brother being gay but not my sister so why should I tell her I am gay. People believe what they want to believe. If your brother is an accepting person than I would recommend telling him but if he is already sad and miserable person don't add to the misery you know especially if he is not very accepting. My mother believes what she wants to and no matter what I say she has her own theories and because she is not honest with herself I really don't feel it necessary to tell her. She loves me for who I am and what she wants to believe. I don't believe in destroying it. I told my kids though and they were very accepting and they understand too. Being in the generation they are in today people in their teens and early 30's tend to be more accepting because how society has changed. Which is good for us too.

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