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Transgenders and you - Lesbian Ladies

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i believe that we are who we are. and we shouldnt judge anyone for being who they really are! i support the surgery. they should feel comfortable with who they are


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For me I believe we are all in charge of what we do to our bodies. Some people don't like parts of theirs and wish to improve it, why not? If you were born with a horn growing out from your head wouldn't you want it shaved off? Or would you rather suffer because a few people though it wasn't right?


Of course I undeniably support sexual reassignment surgery. I, being a transgender person would despair at the thought of spending the rest of my life as a shemale. It's not up to anyone else what I do with my body. It's a case of being who I am and achieving normalcy.


i support it 100%. it think everyone has the right to be in the body they're comfortable with.


there has been a recent issue in a high school near my town where a transgender girl was suspended for 3 days because she used the girls bathroom!!!!


haha very true but really? it just shouldn't happen at all. i support everything but when your like the only one tht thinks tht way its kinda hard to get your point across.


My girlfriend always gets yelled at for being in the womans washroom and it makes me so angry!! If an actual man walked into the womans washroom I wouldnt care, let him be in there taking a piss or shit. Why is it so bad??


Yes it is difficult to make yourself heard, a single voice washed away in a sea of ignorance. I get that whenever I mention how much Justin Bieber deserves to be shot into the sun &gt

Someone in a lesbian relationship with a trans woman? The myths are true, Sovngard really does exist!

As for the subject of public bathrooms, I'll leave off for the most part. The ground on which I stand to make any comment is treacherous and untenable at best.