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I can't stand it when you are trying to do things right and the person that's in your life makes you feel like everything you do is wrong. I am now looking to find an apt to get the hell out of this darn relationship... start a new life with just my son and I... the only person that never disappoints me...the only true love of my life...lol my baby boy!!!


hey googd for you if it do not work out then you need to move on and think about your son you know if you are not happy your son is not happy and thats not fair for your son if you try to work on this relationshop and still did not go any where then i guess its time to move on sweetie sorry


listen aida if she doesnt appreciate you as a person or doesnt appreciate everything you do for her then im srry but shes just selfish & ungrateful .. you deserve better than that ..i know its difficult to accept the fact that the honeymoon stage is over ,but hun if she doesnt change for you now most likely never will , just give it time true love will come ure way when you least expect iit ,just stay strong for ure baby boy, he needs you more than ever just concentrate on him and eventually in time a good girl will come along .. NeVeR give up on ..keep ure head up girl