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Coping with being gay and a Christian - The Gay Christian Network

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I'd like to "start the ball rolling" by saying that some if most of us, when we first "came out", might have been in the situation of finding that your "theology" was turned upside down. You had many questions about where exactly your faith stood. And the big question - does God love me as a gay? We have to say that because God is love he cannot reject us. It is not in his nature. There is a phrase - Christ in me, the hope of glory. Do we really deep down believe that? Or has "coming out" changed all that? After all there are plenty of "Christians" who would say - YES!
I'm new to the gay scene, and as you see, have a lot of questions. And I think I'll be making more comments. I would value yours - also anything from your own life stories. xxxxxxx


I too am also a gay christian. The way I look at it is that God made me the way that I am. God is never wrong as every thing he does is perfect. God made me and he does not make mistakes. We are too small to understand what his grand plan might be. I have to say when I just place my trust in God and have faith that God loves me I have a sense of piece, love and understanding. I have had to come to learn that it is not God that hates gays but rather people. God does not teach us hate but rather that is a concept known only by man. It is a feeling that is perpetrated by men and is a sin. God also has stated that no sin is grater than another. No man is to judge another for it is God and only God who will be that judge. Everyone will have to stand before him. The long and the short of it is that your relationship with God is jut that. YOUR relationship with God. Remember that it is not for others to pear in on your life and scrutinize your faith. It is the work of the devil trying to put a seed of doubt in your mind. We only have need of faith the size of a mustered seed and a huge sentinel will grow from it. Keep your faith my brother. God loves each and every one of us. He knows every hair on your head and has his hands out reached to you saying fear not my child for you are a child of God. All you have need to do is ask him and he is there with you. It does not mater who you are or what you have done in your life. God is always there waiting. Give you troubles over to Christs care and he will take care of the rest! Hugs

God Bless



Thank you so much for this, Reese. I'm very new to the gayscene. Previous to 2nd November I knew that God's love for me was there all the time no matter what, but then I was hiding behind a mask - pretending I was straight. Now that I am out of the straitjacket, and the cloud of depression has lifted, do I seriously think that God's love for me has altered in any way? Reese, when I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, I would have described myself as an evangelical, although I hate labels. You will of course be aware of how most of the evangelical world views homosexuality. I was immersed in that world, so much so that I was just as dogmatic in every way, not realizing that God was finding it difficult to show love to me and through me to others. For the last 3 years I have not gone to church. All too often God will not be found in the church. He is too radical, too unconventional, too controversial, too challenging. The house of God is not in any specific building - it is within us as we meet together - wherever that may be - a cafe, in the street, at home. After all we are the priesthood of all believers. I'm sorry if I sound exclusive, but I only know of one God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And HE IS LOVE! He loves us in our mess - even in the pit of despair. He never leaves or forsakes us. Yes, recently especially on my journey of discovering the real me, I have felt distant from him, but that doesn't matter. As far as he is concerned, he does not change. My alltime favourite parable is the parable of the Prodigal Son - the father is just like God, the younger son receives the undeserved blessing of his father - the grace - but the elder brother I think represents the institutionalized church, seeing the younger brother's treatment by the father as grossly unfair - the elder brother has no concept of grace in his life - for him you earn God's love by doing good service for Him, despite the fact that God has already told u that that is a complete waste of time, because HE IS LOVE and he loves both his sons, even before they have done anything, and in fact nothing they do can make God love them less or more. Does God's love extend to everyone? That is what I believed as a closet gay person, not willing to accept the true nature of his sexuality. Now that I am gay / bisexual, do I still believe that? I have to. God hasn't changed. He knows everything about us. If u want a true definition of God as Love, read 1 Corinthians 13.
God bless you - especially those of you who are in a dark place, thinking u are uinloved and worthless (that is a lie!). You are each a masterpiece in the making by the hands of a true craftsman - God himself.


i like what you have wrote i am strugaling with my sexuality and am scared that god might not love me but reading that has just given me some hope and comfort thankyou x


hey all

I would totally recommend with all my heart and soul

What the bible really says about homosexuality by Daniel A Helmianiak.

Totally change my life and continue to build my faith in God and Catholicism even though his followers may disagree with it.


So agree with everybody, you know I rejoice that god has created me perfectly and I love living out his plan whatever it may be. All I know is he new me first and will never give me or put me thru nothing I cant handle.
When I first came out to my family who are strong independant baptist, it was hard for me but more so for them but I know gods plan at the time was for them, for them to learn to love gods difference to understand that they were instruments for gods plan in my life.My family now are so supportive and except that I am who I am.
God is great and love that he amazes me everyday with this wonderful world he has given us to enjoy.

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