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Hi my girl and I have been together for 3yrs, but committed for 2. This is my thing, if you love someone and you decide with that person to have a commitment ceremony which is almost like a wedding. Why in the world would you cheat 6 months after your commitment to eachother? And then say that it wasn't because of you...I don't understand


Sounds like they never intended to be committed to you. Some ppl just want the ceremony without the intention of living up to the committment side.. It is like saying I love you today and not meaning it. Some ppl just are not in for the long haul. I want to be with someone to wake up to everyday and long for that love every day and touch. I want to work out our problems and see what we can do as a team and look at our future together.. Find someone with some stabliliy. She wasnt into traveling the road holding hands with you.