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-Sorry, Sr, how did you manage to become a man?

-Talking to me, boy?

-Yeah, Sr. How did you, how did you, how did you?!

-Calm down, son. You're just a kid. Well, how, how... Well, I just did.

-You just did, Sr?

-Sure... But why are you asking me such a thing? Where are your mom and dad?

-You mean daddies. Daddies are over there. Look!

-Daddies? I just see a couple of young men. You mean you've got no mummy?

-Didn't anyone tell you some have got daddies?

-Not at all.

-And you say you're a man?

-You're starting to get on my nerves, son. Watch your mouth!... Anyway, what's the point in all that?

-Well, I can't see any trace of manliness behind your old beard. What I really mean is... what do you really mean by 'I just did'? Wouldn't you prefer 'I don't know'?

-Who the hell are you!

-You haven't replied yet.

-Here come your daddies.

-Sorry, Sr, did our kid give you any trouble?

-Not at all. The boy's quite inquisitive, though. Why is that?, if you don't mind me asking, of course.

-Sorry, he's just curious about being a real man... Actually, he says there are men who are real and men who are not.

-I see. I hope he finds the real ones, I've been looking for them all this time.

-Sorry, Sr?

-Never mind, just take good care of the boy. Bye.


Sunday, November 13, 2011
Copyright@2011 Themonochromeman

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