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Tears cascade down my face,
each tear creating its own path,
down my face, and into my hands.
Emotions highten as I look at my reflection.
what have I become?
The river of tears turns into an ocean
and I feel the need to drown in them.
I feel the oceans grip at my feet, pulling
me to my knees begging me to give in to
my sorrow and depression. My body shakes,
fighting to stay afloat, begging my mind to
stop this madness.
My mind weighs me down like an anchor,
sinking me deeper and deeper into the
darkness. I lose sight of the surface,
all hope feels lost and my body gives in.
An overwhelming feeling of coldness
surrounds me and I can feel my heart slow,
my oxygen escapes my mouth in tiny bubbles,
and my eyes closing for the last time.
Is it too late to be saved?


Brilliant, Cassie. But really depressing. Portraying the devastation of losing a partner for whatever reason in a graphic description of what must feel like when you're drowning - i.e. not in control of a situation that you are now confronted with and you feel totally unprepared to manage.


thanks, yeah, I haven't broken up with my girlfriend, but I'm going through a lot of things that I just can't control and yeah, makes me feel like i'm drowning. Writing is how i release all my anger and depression. it's fairly therapeutic for me


very beautiful poem


..What Jack was thinking as he sank after letting go of Rose's hand...into the murky grave of Titanic.

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