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confused and wanting help - Lesbian Ladies

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hey i work with a woman whos at least 20 years older than me and i have a big crush on her i can't help it and sounds gross.
what should i do?


actually probably more like 30 years older but she doesn't look it


I am 21 and by girlfriend is 39, that is an 18 year difference. We live together with her 10 and 12 year old. We are happy as can be. She is great to me as am I to her. She also has a 19 year old boy and 18 year old boy that doesn't live with us. The 19 year old comes to see us every Sunday and doesn't care that him and I are closer in age than his mother and I. Do what makes you happy babe!


As long as both of you are legal I don't see why it doesn't matter. Just remember, when you're younger it's a bigger percentage of your age, which means a big difference in maturity. When you're 20 and they're 40 you're in different stages in life. But when you're 70 and she's 90.....


nothing wrong with it as long as you love each other. my grandfather is 96 and my grandmother died at 75.

they loved each other very much so age never mattered. its only a number anyway ;3


there is a big age gap between my granparents and my dad and stepmum. They work out so no age doesn't matter unless you let it. At least that is what I think


I attempted being with someone who was 13 years older.. it didn't work out. Maybe it's just how much connection yu have with someone, to me the age difference matters. Yu live in way different worlds, things that I wanted to experience she had already gone thru so she wasn't interested in chasing with me or by me the dreams that I wanted to chase. ( idk if that makes sense).

But Abbey's grandparents and Karista had good things to say about it. So I guess the only advice that would work is: Give it a try.
otherwise yu will never know.