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Because of you my world now is a whole, because of you love lives in my soul,
My thoughts all grey and blue, yet when i think of you, i know i'd proudly stand at the alter hand in hand and say 'i do',
Despite everything we've been through, despite all i'v done and said, still wondering how i'v managed to deserve you whilst still lying in my bed,
Your handsome, your caring, your loving, your dearing,
Not in a million years i thought i could get someone amazing as you, but when i think about it i'm just lost for words simply knowing it's all true,
Wishing i could spend every moment with you, arm in arm, dancing under the sky, oh so blue,
Watching your eyes shimmer, watching your hips move to the beat, watching your hair sway in the wind, watching your heart beat in the heat,
I stare at you every moment, I stare at you every night, simply thanking god that i'v been blessed with a angel, feeling as the luckiest person alive, love u loadz babe XxxXxxXxxXxx


you've added more in....n u no i dont have any hair left lol.

its beautiful baby girl and one day ur wish will come true. one day we will stand hand in hand at the alter and you will get to say i do.