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Discussion re sex - Gay Guys! <3

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Dear all

I have deleted the profile and discussion from James Dizonq.

Unfortunately, this will show up in your livefeed and we are looking into a way to have this removed.

Thank you to everyone who inboxed me about this discussion, I love the way you are all so vigilant at keeping Gays.com a safe environment for everyone.

Have a great day


ya i notice there was 1 adault this morning that was looking for kids under 16 how sick can they get but i also notice he got delite


Thx Tara for the quick action..


people like that should not be allowed on the site - its good that this site is managed in a professional way - we do not want people like that on here - we want it to be a safe site so younger people can come on to here and share any probllems they may have in the safe knowledge that we are looking out for their welfare and people llooking for kids is barred.

Thank you for your prompt action.

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