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To and From My Beating Heart (Revised) - Poetry Group

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this was my very 1st poem here...and well i've been going back and editing...so you may see more of my previous poems...i made some small changes...nothing big...but i do think it's better than the 1st time...hope you guys like it...

Alone in this room where there is no light,
I cannot escape though I can't say I'll try,
without you as my strength it is useless to fight,
but I can't figure out a reason why.

You seem to think that I am weak,
that is why I'm in this place,
yet I'm the one you can't defeat,
I'm the one you can't replace.

I can't hold on I'm beginning to slip,
why can't I go on and leave you behind?
I'm begging you to release me from your grip,
there is nothing here for me to find.

You try to leave me in an attempt to forget,
but you can't and you won't so long as I live,
there is still hope don't give up just yet,
take my love and learn to forgive.

Why do you give when I'm unworthy to receive?
it's obvious to say that I don't deserve you,
but I'm the only one I was able to deceive,
please tell me now what I need to do.

Accept these emotions and learn how to feel,
tap into my strength, let your spirit soar,
once I'm inside your wounds will heal,
I'll be here forever to help you once more.

You fought to stay where you belong,
now I've found my missing part,
you were always with me all along,
for I can't live without my heart.

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