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worthless (poem from high school that was about being gay) - Poetry Group

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Stuck in a place so dark there’s no way out
Nothing but damn doubt
Cant brake free
So its hard to see
Thoughts keep racing
I keep pacing
Thinking of a way out
Trying not to doubt
Its harder then it seems
Trying not to live in my dreams
So I hide how I feel
And pretend its not real
Trying not to cry
and just closing my eyes
This place is so lonely
God if only
If only i could hide but i feel lifeless
And i wish i felt worth it
But i just feel worthless
And i cant just stop it
So why don’t you just drop it


wow nice writting x


very interesting...i can see the struggle...can't really put my finger on it...but i think it may need something more...but again i can't really put my finger on it...maybe you could take the time and figure out what you feel may be missing...or if it needs improvements...but it's a good poem...

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