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the real me (a poem i wrote in high school XP) - Poetry Group

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Look at me
What do you see?
Look into my eyes
Fallow the pain that’s deep inside
it leads down to my heart
Cuz that’s ware all this all starts
Can you see
The turn and twisted sides of me
I tried to fight it
Tried to right it
Tied to keep it deep inside
But I can’t keep feeding this lie
And You look
but you can’t see
The other many sides of me
There silently screaming in my head
While I quietly hide under me bed
It’s making me
slowly go insane
Deepening my pain
I’m trying to shift the blame
Trying to hide my shame
I hate me
I hate to just be
Please just humor me
And try to see
They yell at me for being me
They say be your self
And no one else
But that what I did
So don’t treat me like a kid
They say “stop wearing black”
“straighten up that hat”
“stop wearing ur pants so baggy”
“stop cutting ur hair it looks too shaggy”
Look at me now
Stop pushing and just see how
I like what I am
And I am what I like
I’m not just some dumb dyke
I’m gender queer
So don’t shed a tear
You wouldn’t understand
In fact no one can
So Don’t say a word
Don’t even look
You had your chance
and you wouldn’t dance
You were full of doubt
So I’m gone peace out


that's pretty good...i like the journey...i see a lot of heart in this poem...great job...


yea I can see the rebellion in the poem. I had many like that as I looked for my own identity. I left home early and went to school with another family. The mother was a real sweetheart but some of the girls in the family were real bitches. Two were very sweet though and I stayed busy on the basketball team, taking karate, and working at a pharmacy. Went back home after graduation and nothing had really changed. I still need to find someone special even after all these years I have been alive. I need someone who will accept me completely with unconditional love.

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