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You lost your heart,
your home is the ocean,
the waves soon to take you,
you will fall asleep,
just close your eyes
and dream of days
when you weren't,
all alone.
All that you knew is gone,
beg for the silence to take you home,
All that we never knew is gone,
plead for the silence to carry us home.
Deeper and deeper
the sirens are singing a song,
uor guilts have a number,
and the reaper knows us by name,
he tells us to fall asleep,
when beloved angels fall,
we will all fall asleep.

(this poem is dedicated to eveyone who has every committed suicide because someone made them feel horrible and like they did not belong, they were once someones angel and now they are no more. R.I.P to all)


wow...really powerful...just one typo...i think you meant to say our instead or uor...very nice poem...i hope your message reaches those who still have time to save themselves...


a truly felt poem. We have all at one time felt a lot of these feelings you expressed in you poem.
When I am down and out I always think of the angels and ask God to help give me the strength in a trying time and I finally find the strength I have within me and realize it is just believing in yourself and I have never let anyone dictate how I feel like I use to when I was younger.
As Eleanor Roosevelt told us" No one can make you feel bad without your permission." If we feel insecure it is so easy to fall down that rabbit hole into
self-pity and shame and realize no one loves you!! But I discovered that is the biggest and worst lie we can tell ourselves. I learned I was loved more than I realized but the people who I loved did not know how to comfort me and it is out of their weakness that we suffered. We should not suffer from other peoples imperfections. We should strive to improve our own imperfections and love ourselves for not being perfect. I suffer from depression and being a perfectionist. With medication and prayer I have come full circle in my life to know I am loved, I am love, and shame on anyone who thinks bad of me because all I do to those I care for are in best intentions and if they do not trust me or believe in me it is their own hangups that cause that.
Walk proud!! Be all you can be! Be honest with yourself and always try to find how you can improve yourself, not those around you!!
Loved the poem Kendall!!

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