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Ballad of a last good bye - Poetry Group

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Tears drip from my eye,
from screams of the end of happieness we used to have.
We were everything, but for everything, I am no more.
As I wake from a perfect dream,
i'll escape from reality's walls.
I can not stay and live this lie,
for I must think of myself now,
and to think that you would be scared or surprised,
when i sever all my ties.
This is the end.
I'll lose myself in agony for tonight,
broken peices and lies will not mend in this nightmare,
I long for a perfect dream.
I feel so numb, I wish I could see beautiful illusions.
But, my pain can not be mended now.
I refuse to slave for this worlds false beauty.
I'll lose my pain tonight,
please dont miss me or be angry,
Help me get through this.
In my mind, blood drips from your eyes.
I wish for a beautiful last good bye.


forgive me if i'm a little slow-minded...this poetry thing is new to me...and well i do like the poem...is it about dreaming or remembering a deceased loved one???...or is about something else???


oh ok...yea...now i get it..."please don't miss me or be angry,"...again i'm a little slow sometimes...but i like it...good job...

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