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LETS SHOW LOVE - Gay Guys! <3

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i went over one of my very best friends house yesterday with my ex,I think I told y'all about him, and we had a great time. Jermaine met Sandie only once before and had so much fun over her house it's not funny. The last time I went over San's house he was able to go because we couldn't get him bus fare and he we was so hurt that you could tell in his voice and the way he look was like a sad puppy. Like I said he only me the woman one time. And that got me thinking of how warm, sweet, and inviting San has always been. I been knowing Sandy and her family since I was a teenager and her oldest child was a baby. I've watch her kids and her sisters kids grow up into the most beautiful people in the world, ok that's the way I see it. I'm talking about a 20 something friendship. A friendship so close that her mother clams me as one of her children and I call her mom, mom. And believe me, her mother is my mom because this lady has put her foot in my ass whenever I thought I was grown. And I have another friend that I have also known just a longer, she too is a sister to me. I've know Marlene since we were 12. And over the years we had our share of fights but still together. It's to the poiint the when we do have our fights and she or I try to tell Marlene sister about it Lisa tell us she don't want to hear it because we'll be friends again. Lisa has even made the comment that we are more brother and sister than Marlene's own brother and sisters. I've piss of my own family from time to time when I would say "my sister" .I said all this to ask the group to share the love for a close friend or lover. A person that you know no matter what they got your back and will always be there and tell you the things you don't want to hear, the truth. That person that will stand with you right or wrong. I love both these people dearly and I know with them saying it loves me. Relationship may come and go, but a true friend is a life long thing. I hear people talking about they met their soulmate and to me that is what they are too me. So, boys and girls who is that soulmate of yours? And please stay on topic.. If you feel you have to talk about other things do it else where. This is to give our unsung stars their time in the spotlight, even if they never see what we said about them. You will see how sharing them to the world will warm you.