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No matter what you do, you always look glamorous.
With makeup, or without, you look adorable.
Looking like you’re a couple of years younger than you are.
You could fool anyone.
It's no wonder people want to be you.
They adore you.

True beauty lies in you.
A heart of gold, and a soul of freedom.
Those who hate you, really do just want to be you.
You are so talented.

Always glowing.
Shinning, shimmering like the stars above.
Weather you are smiling or not.

You brighten everyone's day with your smile.
And everyone hates to see you upset.
You sprinkle everyone's lives with that smile.
As if by magic.

You are a fantastic person, and please don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
And, most certainly.
More than anything.
Don't let them take it away from you.


I like your poetry Siany. It's very positive. I have met many people who like Gothic and claim to be pagan. You really don't strike me to be one of those type people as you appear to be so positive. There is a lot of poetry on here that is so sad and depressing. It's nice to read something that is uplifting. When I was younger my poetry was very negative because I was expressing my sorrows. Now with living life for 56 years I have come full circle at accepting things and have a totally different perspective. Its amazing how our thoughts change through the years.


Thank, but I must addmit this is one of my latest poems which is really about one pf my friends. I do write a lot of depressong poems to, but my life has turned around very reasanty and is not as depressing a it used to be. I had started writing poems in high school, round about my third year. I didn't really know how to write a poem until I had wrote one, I was more about my stories than my poems. So yeah in high school I found writing poems was a great way o get how I really felt inside out, since I didn't really know any other way and they where mostly very depressing. And than last year I started writing very weird stuff, very wise, without realizing. Which I seem to still do, cause I'll write something down in the form of a poem and understand it at the time, but later on, I'll read it and it won't make any sence to me. Yet at the same time it will. It's weird really.


oh yes I can relate to the poem you see later not making sense. It shows you are growing in mind and spirit. Writing what you did and not understanding it later means you got it out of your mind and put it to bed and now your mind thinks differently because writing this poem that does not make sense now helped you grow and move on. The mind is a fascinating thing. it can re-learn when it has had a tumor removed or has had a stroke. It causes us to suffer when we cannot let go. It can make memories haunt us until we say enough but we all have to get it off our chest some way or another. I chose to use poetry and so did you, a healthy way to let go of what is bothering us. Some others may hurt people physically or mentally and cause more sadness in the world. We all hurt one another but it is usually from our own insecurities we do this and fears or selfishness.

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