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Age Difference - Lesbian Ladies

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Here in Arkansas there is a lot of couples with big age differences. Mainly gay guys, it's hard to see it in lesbian couples though. I've recently met a woman I feel really attracted to, more than a physical attraction...I love her personality or maturity. The thing is she is 13 years older than me. I have a feeling she thinks I just want to play around. Any suggestions as to how to seem more mature?

Have any of you had a similar experience?


Hey Dee

I have a somewhat similar situation, where i feel immensely attracted to a woman from my work. I expect that she is a fair bit older than me, and am not even sure if she could be interested in me, but i really love her company and feel there is a good energy when we are together, and im pretty sure she must notice my awkward nervousness, Ha! I Just have no idea on how to expand on our interactions, or if its even a good idea at all.

To respond to your situation, I think age just doesn't matter as long as the chemistry is right and feelings are mutual ( all gays should definitely be tuned to this) If your seriously interested in this mama, just show her your best side and pay attention to her, she should get the hint. If the age concern happens just reassure her that you're genuine and fight for her...

Best luck with it all, Update us