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The Struggle For My Life - Poetry Group

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I've remained chained for far too long,
years of loss, pain, suffering, and humiliation,
the heaviest of burdens regardless if I'm strong,
how can I at last achieve my total liberation?

The rage inside controls my heart and mind,
it is a deadly toxin hard to get rid of,
once inside the rage consumes, making me blind,
oblivious to the pain I cause to those I love.

As if that alone was not enough,
misery now seeks to take my soul,
resisting both is more than tough,
I’ve buried myself in the deepest hole.

There must be something I can do,
I can’t allow them to win over me,
but how can I break away from those two?
Sometimes I think I’ll never be free.

Just before I’m torn apart,
sadness makes its way inside,
washing away the pain in my heart,
cleansing my soul as I cried.

A new sensation I never knew,
has given me a new chance to live,
now there is only one thing to do,
find the one I must forgive.


Yourself - Now that you have love in your heart again and accept what you cannot not change, those who do love you will forgive you and those who won't are still searching themselves.


yea pretty much...this is pretty much dedicated to myself and my father...he & i have had some rough times in the past...and well i think i've finally matured enough to finally let go...and i'm at the stage where i found myself and finally i can continue on with my life...

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