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"It Was Only A Dream" - Poetry Group

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Here comes the night the moon rising from behind,
I’m ready to enter an imaginative world of my own,
slowly drifting into an illusion produced by my mind,
rapidly falling deeper into what is always unknown.

My mind begins to wander into the strangest of places,
flowing through memories that long have passed,
remembering people with forgotten faces,
but those good memories don't seem to last.

As I started feeling good about this dream,
my mind decides to change its direction,
falling deeper and deeper so it would seem,
my grasp of reality is losing its connection.

I find myself among what my heart wants most,
to have a happy life and be overall blessed,
never in my life have my desires felt so close,
a constant inspiration to keep trying my best.

I feel a sudden change something feels wrong,
good things come and go, as i should have guessed,
my good dreams usually don't last this long,
Here come all the bad things I've long suppressed.

The problem with dreams is that they’re so unstable,
one moment a dream is like paradise and a torment the next,
I want to take some control but clearly I’m not able,
overwhelmed with feelings and thoughts that no one suspects.

This nightmare has my body feeling miserable,
I'm trapped in a place I never want to stay,
in this moment I'm really praying for a miracle,
I'm endlessly running, trying to get far away.

Constantly twisting and turning all over my bed,
I can't take much more, I awake with a scream,
finally realizing this was all inside my head,
I calm myself by saying, "it was only a dream".


I used to have nightmares when I was younger. I had no real direction at that time frame and any direction I did take I was unsure of. I find when I have a lot on my mind or the problems I had in the past I have not accepted and put aside I would have nightmares. I bought a dream book and it helped me understand myself better and left me less confused.
As I grew more in age and in spirit I know I had to forgive all the hurts against me. I know to continue to grow I had go through life letting go of any hurt anyone gives me and taking measures to improve my environment around me. If I am not happy with it I make changes whether it is to find a new place, new job, or accept the things I cannot change. When I remember this when I am struggling it has helped me greatly and I see my insight to life growing.
This poem is so real! We have all had our nightmares and this expresses nightmares so well.


thanks i've always enjoyed the dreamworld...and as i described it...it's always a place of the unknown...a place that alters reality...and well always has its own direction...you want it to go one way & it goes the opposite way...i like the journey thru this poem...it was fun to write...