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Finally After So Long... - Gay Guys! <3

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well i'm sure it has been like forever since i've written a poem...& if felt great to feel inspired...i can only hope this one is as good as my previous ones if not better...feel free to leave any criticism...i'm sure there might be corrections needed...so don't hesitate to be honest with me...i hope you enjoy...well here it goes guys...

"It Was Only A Dream"

Here comes the night the moon rising from behind,
I’m ready to enter an imaginative world of my own,
slowly drifting into an illusion produced by my mind,
rapidly falling deeper into what is always unknown.

My mind begins to wander into the strangest of places,
flowing through memories that long have passed,
remembering people with forgotten faces,
but those good memories don't seem to last.

As I started feeling good about this dream,
my mind decides to change its direction,
falling deeper and deeper so it would seem,
my grasp of reality is losing its connection.

I find myself among what my heart wants most,
to have a happy life and be overall blessed,
never in my life have my desires felt so close,
a constant inspiration to keep trying my best.

I feel a sudden change something feels wrong,
good things come and go, as i should have guessed,
my good dreams usually don't last this long,
here come all the bad things I've long suppressed.

The problem with dreams is that they’re so unstable,
one moment a dream is like paradise and a torment the next,
I want to take some control but clearly I’m not able,
overwhelmed with feelings and thoughts that no one suspects.

This nightmare has my body feeling miserable,
I'm trapped in a place I never want to stay,
in this moment I'm really praying for a miracle,
I'm endlessly running, trying to get far away.

Constantly twisting and turning all over my bed,
I can't take much more, I awake with a scream,
finally realizing this was all inside my head,
I calm myself by saying, "it was only a dream".


Jony did you have any Indian blood in your heritage. That of is what is called spirit wandering to Native Americans. It like ones I heard from the Indians back in Pa.I think your writing has meaning That is awesome you be proud of that it sonds good


well idk much about spirit wandering...but my mind sure does wander...& well idk about indian...but i should have some kind of native ancestor from tribes that were in Mexico...aztec maybe mayan...i don't know...or maybe one of the smaller tribes that i don't know about...but maybe somewhere along the line...i probably do...i'm a real nature guy...and believe that everything in nature has a spirit...call me corny but well I agree with animated Pocahontas...everything has a life, spirit and a name...but yea...well i'd tell you to check out my previous poems from before...way back...but with all the new discussions...they're probably wwwwwwaaaaayyyy back there somewhere...u'd have better luck in the poetry group...i always post one here & then in the poetry group...but well if you're interested in reading my previous ones...i can always message them to you...i've written 11 so far including the one i just posted up...anywho...thanks for the compliment...


great one - i love stuff like this - like certain other writings - you are an inspiration for people Jony keep up the good work - hope u and the family r well - we have not chatted for a bit but back on line ish - company that does broadband seem to be having problems or i am in a bad spot for receiving signal - anyway great poem - keep em coming


no probs Jony


great poem, I loved it


Go for it Jony your inspiring go for it it sound great


nice poem babe


Good onei like it


Nice poem Jony


Tell him Mike it is good and he needs to keep up the good work


thanks guys...i'm glad you enjoyed it...i think i've gotten better since the last time i've written...


You keep it up it is good for the soul and can lift spirits


Great poem, Jonny!