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Sexy at work - Bi Bi Bi Women

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So I just moved to South Florida about 2 and half months ago. I got an intership at an office. so far this so boring, but then i met this gal she is such a sweety. When i first met her i thought WOW!! How cute and adorable she is! Well they put my desk across from her. i was so excited. As we started talking i found out she was leaving her husband. I thought awe poor thing i wish i could help. So we have become really close friends, i keep telling her that if she is ever done wiht men im first in line, she would jokeingly say ok. Well last week she came to me at work and was like Tela I like you and want to know how much yo really mean that you want to be next in line? i told her i meant it and she sid cool cuz im done with men. well this past weekend we were drinking with one of our friends and we were drunk before we went to bed we were buzzed no longer drunk. We made out stripped each other and had a grand ol time. She is ok with this im ok with this. she is 30 that doesnt bug me, but she keeps saying that this is nothing really just casual. i dont know how to think about it and i dont wan to over think it and mes things up. So i would like you thoughts and ideas...... comment away itsand open book!!!


be careful, because if she's just leaving her husband she could potentially be HEAVY rebounding


yeah, you need to communicate a little more with her, and dont forget be realistic. Kath England. p.s. you are sexy xx


well i have asked her if she is just is using me to make herself fell better about things? she said no. but i dont really know what to think or do or say, i get so shy around girls and she is starting everything. i feel almost used idk. and my last gf lefted me and broke my heart badly, and any girl i have done things wuth or have come close to being her girl i see i tend to be all "mine mine" idk why i get very protective. idk what to do......
P.S. Thank You Katherine


I think its important that you establish if she intended to start up a female relationship or if she was after a one off. You have to protect your feelings uppermost and stay focussed (which i know is hard when you are attracted to someone, and desperately was any kind of sexual contact)
Maybe you should invite her out to chat and talk things through?
Or invite her round to yours?
Katherine xx