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Good or Evil - Poetry Group

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Good. Evil. Do they really exist?
Or are there only shades of grey.
A solder kills to defend his country. Does that make him evil?
Yes. No. Who has the right to say?
A woman kills a rapist. Is she evil?
To defend herself and many others from pan at his hand.
Who decides?
Who or what decides what is good or what is evil.
A homeless man begs for money.
His calls fall on deaf ears.
Are those who ignore him evil?
Or are those who give him something he has not earned evil.
Who can tell you?
The pious vultures of the law.
The tyrants who rule the world.
The hypocritical gods and devils of religion.
No they cannot.
There is no black or white. Good or evil.
Only shades of grey.


Great greyness!

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