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Storm last wkend - Gay Guys! <3

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Did anyone that lives near Leicester go to storm Last weekend?
It was proper old Hard house in the main room and it was absolutely bangin!! But the atmosphere was Awesome, there was a quite a large gay following there, I paid a few fit blokes a compliment or two not all of witch were gay, and generally had a good time. In fact it was the best night of my whole life I found the whole experience liberating, its changed me and will stay with me for ever!! Although the come down has been harsh as fuck and left me a little shaky!
P.s If the hat pincher is out there I'd like your number, you know who you are Lol!!

More to the point Me and a few mates would love to put something similar on in Leamington Spa, Coventry or somewhere close. As the only Gay on the teem I would like to create a gay following for the event! Its not even about the money for us, more sharing the music and the experience! Is there anyone out there that would support us?


man does that sound awesome! what does it en tail? is it a festival? could someone put one on in the states?