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Blackness; it overwhelms us.
Suffocates us until there is
nothing left of who we were.
We lose ourselves to our inner
demons. Let them in to devour
our soul; their jagged fangs ripping
in to our flesh while we just sit there,
letting it happen again and again.

Feel the cold sweat and fear run your
spine. Theres no running away from your
demons. We're left wishing it could all go away,
but the darkness engulfs you and you find
yourself falling faster and faster.

Long ago we were given the hope,
that where there is blackness, there is light.
That everything is going to work out, I promise,
but who are we to go following such nonsense.
Hope is for those with something left to give,
and i've got nothing.


"WOW...WOW... love it!"
u know cassie i really enjoy ur work, its very cool, and this one is no different. the intensity of ur words r wonderful. there is so much truth to it, and i can sooo relate to wat u r saying in this. also the ending really makes it cuz u can FEEL wat u r saying.
again,, very nice job.


thanks, i really missed writing. then one day i decided i should probably start up again. i'm sure you'll see a lot more of me again :]


YES. i hope so. n sometimes our minds need a break, and from this i can see that u had that.... continue on with how u feel, it works for u.


what a great poem

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