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same sex marriage [scotland] - Gay Guys! <3

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hi guys and girls, i have just posted this discussion on the activism site, if you are from scotland, or even the uk, i want you to read it, this is important, it will give you background info on the above subject and if you are from this country you should go on the site fill in the questions, and give this bill your support.
no need to reply me on this guys and girls,the subject speaks for itself...allan


Hi Allan. Unfortunately I'm not from Scotland, so I can't comment on the subject. But I'm very interested to know more about the subject. Please email at mickyeong@gmail.com. Love to hear what you had written. Seems important.


yes cant find it


i,m from canada where we have same sex marriages good luck on your efforts to get it pass in hard to believe it still a issue in some countries


Same sex marriage is a taboo subject in Singapore. We are a conservative society. Wish we could be more open minded about same sex marriage. Same sex marriage here is very much in the closet.