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Only Gay in the Village - Gay Guys! <3

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I'm starting to get the feeling that I am the only gay guy for miles and miles around. I knew loads before I came out, and now that I'm 18 and everyone knows I'm gay, I don't see them any more. It kinda sounds like their hiding, huh? :L So anyway, I suppose my question is this; What is the best way to meet new guys in my area?


The question is who can anybody trust any more


Every body uses us and I don't care any more


Worhting is not a million miles away from Brighton so why not make a visit there one weekend and see what happens?


Sat. Oct, 1st, 11, 21:10 Hrs. M.D.T.
Hey Matthew,
Take Things Slow, Look Around and Just Take Your Time to See What There is. Your Probably a few Kilometres from a Few Town Centres. Do Some Exploring and Make the Best of Things, Most of All Have Fun and Enjoy the
Experiences, Good Luck.


Hi Matthew: In your profile you state that you don't think you're all that good looking. For what it's worth, I think, according to your pic, that you're very good looking. I know it must be difficult when you're in a small village and no one around seems to be of your persuasion. But keep looking, and keep an open mind. I have a feeling you'll find someone to care for before long. Wishing all good luck with your search. Jed


Get your butt out there and go for a night out with your mates :P
That's how you find the guys... However, I met my current boyfriend through Facebook through a friend :P
But if you don't fancy trying to use the internet do as I first of suggested go for a night out, get into the Gay Bars etc but go with mates and be VERY careful and don't let yourself get split up!


you just have to get out there and look and take a chance and go with the flow it,s not easy but keep trying lots of luck


Matt I don't know much about the UK but I am sure they have local gay web siste that can help you find a place to go....


I think that isolated feeling is something we all feel at some point.
The ones you knew before you came out are probably not "hiding" but maybe they have moved on for college or emigrated, or moved elsewhere with their folks if they are younger people.
Gays do tend to move to more urban centres.. as it the sheer numbers involved make it easier to meet other gays. We're only 1 in every 10 people or so... so in a town of 1,000 people, there are only 100.. and those spread across all ages etc..
Move to a town of 100,000 and there are 1,000, in a town of a million there should be 100,000, in a city of 10 million there should be a million.. but because we tend to move towards the bigger cities.. those numbers get skewed.. small towns probably end up with 75 instead of 100 out of 1,000, and cities of 10 million probably end up with 1.5 million instead of 1 million.. making it harder to meet people in less populated areas.
On top of that, we tend to build communities in the larger areas, and create places where we feel safe being ourselves, and where we congregate en-masse.
If you love your little town.. try starting up some kind of organisation for gay guys to meet each other. Get on websites where other gays in your area are looking for dates. (there are lots out there.. this one.. gaydar.co.uk, manhunt.net, gayromeo.com and the list goes on & on & on... get into chats & try to get groups of guys together just to meet up for a drink. Try & convince one of your local pubs to try to setup a "gay night".

In essence.. you need to make some kind of effort to meet others.. and the effort you make will probably have to be more in earnest than people in larger populations centres.

Hey.. if you have some extra money lying around... open a gay-friendly pub that advertises itself that way. (you probably don't have the critical mass to put together a business model based solely on gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender etc.. patronage.. but if a place is known to be gay-friendly.. it might draw elements of the GLBT community who don't want to be identified as gay, but do want to find a place where they can meet others.)

I wish you luck meeting some nice men


If I had money I would not have any trouble finding would I the point is to find someone and not cash to flash around