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My beloved, charming and fair,
My life, my soul, oh; hear my prayers.
Thy love quickly send speedily,
And kiss me beneath the moon.

Take care of my heart, surely will comply,
And not look for another, I cannot be denied.
And let no rose be on the guard,
And thou, the aim of my heart's desire.

Attend at this place my amorous fire,
Prepare thy heart to receive with care.
All that of such love I give to thee,
Prepare to be courted like a queen.

Dissolving still in thy arms, this night,
Still expecting to receive all thy charms.
To become one of sprightly pleasure,
Tumultuous rapture beyond all measure.

But daily to feed my wildest desires,
No to squash with any delays my fire.
Hold me in your arms tightly,
Bring with it desire the distant bliss.

Tuesday, September 29, 2011


Lovely poem


Hi Yeremiah, thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed my poem, Laura xox


I like the way you make it sound like... ancient. It's lovely.