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My GSA - Gay Guys! <3

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My second-year club run of Gay-Straight Alliance is starting tomorrow/today, with the first time with me at the head of it. It's completely nerve-wracking considering that, given all the roadblocks I ran into, the meeting was hastily put together and might not happen. I'm hoping it does and this is just my nerves playing on me. Doing SO much work with GLSEN on getting this all started, so I hope all this work pays off for a good year run in this overly-conservative area, but it should go well...I hope. Any advice from any who have done this kind of thing?


Remember that if you have only 1 or 3 thats a start and word will spread and more will come, I assume you are in HS? Its a tough time of both sexual awakening and self discovery. For many its hard to come out due to family or religious issues. Listen to those that come. Be positive. Big things start small. Abd dont be afraid to delegate. While it might be YOUR baby try to step back and see what the people need and want then let them decide who wants to implement them. The more they do for themselves the more that will be accompliched.
Good luck.


Thank you, I definitely will take that advice. Although it's not the first year I've been involved, it is the first year with my name on almost everything. So, patience is what I will need. Thank you.


I have to agree with Dave..Just take your time and it will all come together...I know that you will be good at it..Like you said it not your first year doing it...I know being the first year you running things it might seem overwhelming but you will do good..