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so this is the second group i join and what to know how and want is this is all about. i have my views on what i blieve doese it matter that thy my be different like the one that made my brother leave and end is account


Hello Gene, and welcome.
I have had an acct on this site for some time now and I have to say that, for the most part, there are a bunch of really awesome people here. I have seen prayer requests put out and seen many people respond. I have seen people ask for advice or a little guidance and have seen some good responses. I have also seen people disagree about different subjects; sometimes civilly and sometimes not so.

Personally, I don't have a problem with people that believe differently than I do. In fact, I think that it's the differences that help us learn about one another. What I do have a problem with is when one tries to force his/her beliefs on someone else or when one is made to feel inferior because of his/her beliefs. We all feel that what we believe is the truth. Talking about them, sharing them, and discussing them like adults is a wonderful thing and sometimes we have to just agree to disagree.
Just because one calls himself or herself a Christian, unfortunately, doesn't always mean they act like one. No one is perfect.

I don't know who your brother is and I am sorry he felt that leaving the site was necessary. I do hope and pray that you have a better experience. Take care and God bless.


Sorry to see that your brother left the site Gene. There is also a discussion going on about 'butch vs femme.' I didn't realize that there was a right and wrong way to be lesbian any more than there is a certain way to believe in God. I will post my response to that in this forum as well because I believe it is worth repeating. These arguments serve no purpose and keep our community divided. As unique as we are our behavior when it comes to opinions is very main stream. I believe if we checked in within ourselves we would find that, 'it doesn't matter what we believe' What matters is how we treat each other when there is a difference of opinion. As with my culture my Ancestors who were forced on reservations said, "If this is your God, we don't want to know him" It has taken centuries to heal the wounds of the elders but we have finally come to agree on one point and that is, 'no matter who we are we are all connected' and praying for those who are ill spirited is a healthy approach to healing the occupants of this planet. . . Here is my response to the {butch vs femme} forum. . . Can & can't, should & shouldn't, right & wrong, and do & don't are the four corners of the box that we're taught to live by from the day we're born. That mentality leads to a prejudiced mentality. . .every argument starts with one or more of these corners being the culprit. We as a community have come too far to be confined to a debate about "How To be a Lesbian" or gay for that matter. I think stereo typing 'dykes' is as annoying and degrading as stereo typing gay and lesbians. As far as saying that dykes 'act like men' insinuating that they are aggressive and power driven is like saying that this is the behavior of heterosexual men. Now about that comment that "if theres gna be a "man" in the relationship then the other may as well be with a real man" . . .Assuming 'real man' means heterosexual, as for me they have too many moving parts. I love women and I admire lesbians who are authentic. As for my preference I like dykes, I find they're not only authentic, they are cordial as well. . . Any man, women, hetero or homosexual can be aggressive and down right mean - it's not the gender it's the person. This is Sheron from http://onlinedogpuppytraining.weebly.com


Hi Gene, first of all, I'm very sorry to hear that your brother left and I think he should give it another try. It takes a while to figure out who to qvoid and who to trust.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we are here to support each other in our journey thru life. This is a good place and and the people who work hard to keep this site safe. They are an amazing group of people. May God bless you and keep you close.