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To Have and to Hold - Poetry Group

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To Have and to Hold

I long to hold and kiss you,
Til your eyes softly close.
To run to your side and hug you,
When again the sunlight glows.

It is far better to meet you,
And clasp your hands in mine.
What others might say won't matter,
They do not understand any ways.

I longed for you for many years,
And now that you're here I'm happy.
And my longing heart-strings sing,
I wish to hold you ever near me.

I long to kiss you and call you mine,
Til your senses cease to fear.
And you, not I would dare,
To wish for another chance.

I'll love you til the end of time,
A dove in hurried flight, took light.
But to know we'll have each day and hour,
Each part of you that bursts to flower.

I never expected to meet someone like you,
The Heaven-born gift of choices made.
I wish I could hold you in my arms,
In a long, wild, mad embrace.

Within your round arms-to die in wedded bliss,
For the depth and breadth of passionate kisses.
Our love is not like no other, People will say,
The cup of joy will not spill without one sip.

Come away to the realm of space and time,
And feed the fire of my wild desire.
With one passionate kiss that will light,
With the glory of your sweet face.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hi Jeanie, thanks so much for reading my poems. My favorite poets are Keats, Dickinson, Shakespear, Rubyet Kyam(wrong spelling(LOL_)...and many others. There is a lot of poets in both sides of my family..and artists, singers. I was born mult-talented like my brother Bino who plays the piano since he was six. My mom was talented in art, and singing..but never got a chance to use it..she married my dad(LOL).

Laura xoxox


That's wonderful. Most of my family can write poetry and out of 7 of us 5 could play musical instruments. Dancing came easy for me so I and my brother were the dancers when we were young.
I was introduced to Ogden Nash when I was very young by my father who wrote for a living. Then Robert Frost, e.e. cummings, I have read Edgar Allen Poe's but he had a little influence with me. He was too dark for me. These are a few but I have many more I enjoy reading.
Now that I am older I try to just use my own style and influence and I am also improving or re-writing my poetry.


there are alot of preditors and do not go for the young ones as most of them are scammers and they will mess up your computer. Do not give them your personal email or messenger because it will become corrupt as I had this same experience. If you want to know more I can send you a private e-mail. Let me know.


Hi Jeanie, I was scammed by a Katy Bradley who posed as Raven Riley and other people. Found out it wasn't who I thought it was. I made the mistake of giving this person personal information and Yahoo Messenger and my e-mail. Someone on here helped expose these people so am being more careful next time I meet a woman on here or other sites. You're right about the young ones, they seemed to be the worst. How do they corrupt your yahoo messenger and e-mail? I definitely need to learn more as I'm way too trusting..but not now...Laura


Very nice Laura...this poem felt very warm...you could sense the love in every word...i liked it a lot...


well they learn how to hack. Mine was saved by my computer guy. Just recently my hard drive went compute and just got it back. I have a great computer guy but my computer is over 9 years old and it is slowing down. Found a good price on new tower by dell and may check into that sometime soon. My TV also went on the fritz so I guess I will just get a new monitor and use my computer till I can afford a new tv

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