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This was written when I was with someone, this is about a month old, I hope you all like it as much as I loved writing it at the time.

Fluttering Emotions:

Lips locked, tongues tied forever tossing back and forth in suspended animation. Finger tips touching, entwined with strands of ribbon no one can see... forms pressed against one another, resembling two lone puzzle pieces fitting like the force field that thrusts magnets together…

Not understanding what's going on… why are strange feelings not often felt striking like lightening in a thunderous storm…is anyone's guess. There are questions after questions when will there be chances to gain answers … one more move and its checkmate… two hearts capture minds and lead them in an endless passionate dance, fear of the unknown- of rejection hanging heavily in the air as they masquerade around society's "norms" having to keep up the ever tiring charade of being engrossed in petty things of no importance .

Dull blue eyes ignite when they stare intently into bright sparkling ones… soft lips remaining sealed against yielding breathless ones, strumming of whispers that no one can make sense of… spinning out of sought after embraces… Swaying together as one to the thumping of beating hearts… when there can be no words … letting go of all logic and indulging in the frantic need to touch… is the real language of love.

By Melissa Tomlin

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