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The below poem is what I wrote today after a break up I had the other day, this was sort of a healing one for me. I hope you all enjoy it and tell me what you think :3

The little delicate glass heart

Glass…that is what the human heart should be made of…so clear… so fragile and easily breakable should you apply the right pressure.
Drop it…
Let it descend…
The heart… it cracks just like an elegant mirror… so striking, yet it becomes sharp and even more noticeably cold.
Snip and snap…
Chip at it and chop it…
The small organ shatters into a thousand pieces and rests in ruins akin to glass… a beautiful disaster it is to see such pain in those delicate shards.
Find all the pieces…
Handle them with care…
The pounding core, stops feeling things about the pain, it cannot call on emotions…it defends itself and gives of a cold façade to those it does not know and to the one it thought it did.
One by one put the fragments in order…
Entwine them and meld them together once again…
Identical to glass, the heart may be able to heal if the pieces are stuck together… but be careful, if it smashes too many times. You cannot fix what is completely broken.
©Melissa Tomlin


Hi Melissa, lovely poem, sorry it took heartbreak to bring it out in words, enjoyed reading, Laura xoxox


Thank you, and hehe it is okay, I have come to accepting it now and don't think much on it. I am glad you enjoyed it. I usually write poems when I feel an extreme emotion or when I get inspired :3 So I am used to random moments of my muse knocking me on the head and forcing me to write :P




A great poem

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