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I am looking forward in meeting you. - Gay Guys! <3

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I, Riaan Van Niekerk, living in BELLVILLE, Western Cape, South Africa, will appreciate it to be taken out regularly, securely, for coffee treats, vegetarian meals treats, soft drink treats, etc., to restaurants, by sober young (Caucasian, Chinese, Asian) gay men who participate part-timely in the following, but also have full-time jobs in business companies:

1) Ballet.
2) Gymnastics.
3) Springboard and platform diving.
4) Track athletics (hurdle, sprint, vault jumping).
5) Triathlon.
6) Mountain biking, road biking and track biking.
7) Surfing and swimming.
8) Martial arts.
9) Dancing.
10) Filming, acting, and music.
11) Photographic modeling.
12) Gym exercising.

I am looking forward in meeting you. I am Afrikaans speaking. Thank you very much.


Wow. Three posts. Whom are you looking forward to meeting so badly?

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