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straight n sick of wondering - Gay Guys! <3

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If I can get pulled aside, pushed behind the door, grabed behind my head, passionatly kissed and u feel to hear more.. Talk to me


If you're wondering.. you're not straight. (It's called "questioning")
It sounds like you're so afraid of the idea of being gay that you want someone to force you to try it. There are guys into that.. it's not something I can understand, though.


if any one can accept my invitetations for a get together from chennai can give me a call 9952083592. All the gays and lesbians are invited with there partners and friends for get together.


Todd, labels are really confining. I always find it best to let people label themselves how they feel comfortable. I haven't found a label for myself yet and doubt there is one, not that I need one.


stop wondering and let go and be yourself. Nothing worse than trying to live as something you're not.