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Here's an oldie of mine - Poetry Group

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Oh, fair young lover, come
Lay down your number one
and I'll an afterthought now be
Without a spot of joy
goes out this hapless boy
to the world that rejected plea

My thoughts turn now to death
and breathing my last breath
as in this grave of madness now I lie
I shift through shattered dreams
and bleeding his/her screams
as I threaten gouge out mine eye

I shut the world out
giving up this final bout
and pray there is a God to take me home
With agonize' love and hate
I seal my poet fate
and drink my poison thirstily alone


Thank you. I just remembered the title a day or two ago: Fate's Farewell. Although Edgar Allen Poe always has been my greatest influence, this one I actually wrote after having read poetry by Thomas Chatterton.


I will have to check him out. I had some influences too from several poets but I do not read them so much anymore and have my own style too much like you do.
My poetry is philosophical or expressing my life as it is and how it makes me feel and also movies have influenced my writings of late.

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