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new and i need a new hubby - Looking for LOVE!!!

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I'm 16 and i just broke up with my bf .I'm still a virgin and still in high school . i love to talk lovey dovey and need some one to talk to .I'm feeling a little down and I'm always a happy person .please look a my profile to know more about me. plz message me or text me at evilzombieretard@yahoo.com


Don't be a bit surprised if you get some flack, for posting your # in here. This is a major faux-pas. I've seen a few groups jump on 1 person, for doing just that. There are many weirdo's out in this world. It is always wiser to get to know someone first, via email and using the chat feature in this site. Give it time Corey, give it time, for time is what we all have. SS about your most recent departure from your boyfriend. I know it is hard. I'm just after coming out of a 13+yr LTR myself. Give yourself time to heal. A rebound or bounce back really isn't pretty.


Good luck with that.I'm really in no position to offer advice,though I do have one piece.Edit your number out of that,you'll get disturbing texts.Anything other than that Krystoffer has already covered.